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May 2, 2012
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The League of the Abandoned by Paperiapina The League of the Abandoned by Paperiapina
Because I'm a nerd.

Found myself scribbling some Pokémon while visiting my family this extended weekend (no school untill today) and ended up a drawing the whole group of old Pokémon characters of mine that go by the name "the League of the Abandoned". I actually have quite a bunch of Pokémon characters, but these bunch are maybe most dear. Maybe. Decided to slap some simple color on it today, and just realized I spent the entire day doing it. Well, darn.

Character bio time!

"The League" is formed of Pokémon that are kinda sorta a patchwork family consisting of 'mons that have previously lived with humans, and have been released for various reasons.

Tezla, the center force of the League was bought as a young pikachu to a family after a big boom caused by a popular TV-series. The family's son had fallen in love with the show's character and wanted a pikachu of his own, and his parents granted the wish. The family just hadn't really made any research beforehand, and when Tezla turned out to be a challenging pet, the family decided it was easier to release her to the wild.

Though Tezla has mellowed down since, a little bit, she'll still punch anyone making fun of her species, and she's determined to find herself a Thunder stone and evolving into a raichu. Thus far she hasn't had any luck with that, finding evolutionary stones in the wild isn't as easy as it might feel.

Riesa on the other hand never minded being abandoned. On the contrary, she didn't like her trainer much at all, she deliberately started acting up and being difficult untill her jerk of a trainer took the hint and let her go. (To add insult to an injury, she evolved immediately after.)

(Okay, I could have translated Riesa's name, as Nuisance is fitting and all, and probable too considering her old trainer gave it to her, but I quite like how the Finnish name sounds like.)

She treats her torn ear as a victory mark, and although the details are a bit obscure, she loves to boast with "the biggest garchomp she had ever seen".

Kita was born in human care. He belonged to a breeder, although he was never used for breeding himself, being born with a cleft palate (although it was surgically fixed) which disqualified him. The breeder still kept him as a personal pet for quite a while, untill they went bankrupt and had to release most of their 'mons. Kita still wears the collar as a memory of them. (Also his name is Finnish and means "maw". Smart, eh?)

And Bug is a rascal. He was abandoned most probably because of his incapability to spit fire, or to use any fire moves at all.

The origin of Tuikku and Katla isn't known, no-one's sure whether they were bred in captivity or caught from wild, but nevertheless they were still just babies when they were confiscated by police from smugglers. The whole deal was illegal to begin with, but the two were even dyed to look like shinies, to sell them for higher price. They were released after the color had worn off and they had grown enough to fend for themselves.

Icaros used to belong to a breeder in Kanto who specialized in breeding the machop line. Originally won in a card game, the breeder didn't really know what to do with him. Icaros' egg group didn't match with his 'mons, and although he still treated him well, the 'mons -being unfamiliar with Icaros' foreign species- didn't work exactly like the breeder had hoped and the kirlia didn't feel well among them. Although Icaros doesn't hold a grudge or anything, he still refuses to read other mons' minds and is obsessed in finding a dawn stone and evolving into gallade. (Which is fine by Tezla, they aren't looking for the same stone.)

Magenta doesn't talk about its past. It would love to learn how to battle, though. Although it relies mostly on special attacks that don't make contact, it's still eager to learn, and is working on its anxiety issues.

Song used to belong to an incredibly rich, although senile old lady. The lady was mostly blind and nearly deaf, and she was convinced that Song was a butterfree. The lady was really sweet and caring, though, so none of her servants had the heart of telling her the truth. Thus, Song is pretty much pampered rotten. He was released when the lady passed away, but some of her old servants still visit his forest and bring him food and stuff occasionally so he hasn't exactly turned wild or anything.

Ulna and radius are actually born wild, but they never knew their parents, so the Ulna as the older of the two has taken care of them both from pretty young. And just so you know, the "rad" in Radius is pronounced like in the word "radical". He's quite fond of letting people know that. They also made up the name "the League of the Abandoned", and although Tezla or half of the others didn't really think too high of it, the name stick and has since become their name out of habit.

Sleep now, my brain isn't working anymore.

Pokémon © Nintendo, Game freak
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FanGirlStephie Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
this is really awesome!!! It really helps with an idea of mine that I've been trying to develop. it's called the Home for Unwanted Pokémon, or the H.U.P for short. a trainer representing me created it after her journey in shinoh. she settled in that region even though she's from kanto.
RiverStarMontenegro Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You really need to make story or comic or just series of illustrations with those dudes,they ALL look awesome and have awesome info!
xkookypandax Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, the poor things...
TzikiiWolf Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Student Filmographer
Awww how sweet! Love the added little features ;)
MQ-Killer Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Me: "Nice history, but don't you think being lazy is wrong?"
Song: "I'm not lazy. I was born to take it easy :D"
Droemar Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
Oh my god, you drew Pokemon! My life is complete!
Paperiapina Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student General Artist
I've got a whole gallery folder for them!
I love Pokémon, and drawing them. Seriously. The only things I might be eager to even take requests of.
Droemar Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
If you ever want to do a Pokemon comic, I've got a script. :)
Paperiapina Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Iiiii... don't dare to promise anything, but you might have gotten me just a tiiiiiny bit curious.
Droemar Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
I think what I'd actually like to do is get different artists to do "chapters" in the comic, twenty-page runs or so. Hopefully each chapter would generate enough interest for the next artist to volunteer and so on.
A girl can dream!
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